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Regarding Services & Products

According to the America Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), there has been a negative gap with regards to the interaction between producers and consumers. The lack of communication and direct involvement results in decreased customer satisfaction which in turn, creates loss in profit and even extinction for product and service-oriented businesses.

Our Mission

Smilesful defines itself among other platforms as one that connects and builds relationships with producers and their customers. Our mission is to redefine and make memorable the experiences of both buyers and sellers through the following steps.

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A bridge between buyers and sellers

Creating a simultaneous bridge between buyers and sellers whereby customers get instant and direct feedbacks from producers by way of our social media platforms which incorporate the use of Forms, Videos, Audios, Photos, Text etc. to instantly communicate, explain or introduce products/services to the customers without basically having to search through tons of websites to get actual information from direct sources.

Split-payment Portal

Defining an avenue that helps consumer/s make extra profit by way of playing middleman between producers and consumers friends(acquaintances) through our Split-payment portal which helps buyers/consumers split-payment between several buyers. This system, like no other, helps in fund pooling between buyers.

Multi-vendor Platform

Offering a convenient way for our sellers (producers/service-oriented professionals) to upload, post and enter the product and services to the market page through our multi-vendor platform. These products and services can be linked directly from the seller’s social media page right onto the market page and directly to the product and services page. Service-oriented businesses have the convenience of selling their services through a badge tag on our market page by way of a link-up through their respective handle, page and group link.

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Smilesful is not only bridging the gap between parties, we’re redefining consumer relationships. Join our community today. Become a PRO-MAX member, and start building for your brand and for your consumers.

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